We love our business partners

Partners? More than that. None of us can go it alone. So why not make the relationship the best it can be? If you're an ISO, ISV, payment gateway or payment facilitator, we make working with us work for you. Let's work together and we'll help you take brilliant payments solutions to your customers.

Why partner with us?

We get it. We're all in a hard market to crack. We all need differentiation. And we can give you something that sets you apart from the crowd. How? We've built payment solutions specifically for you. Real-time merchant boarding? Same-day settlement? A really flexible commercial model? Take your pick. We give our partners what they need.

Driving ISOs forward

Looking to grow? Who isn't? But here's the thing. Whether you're a mainstream tier 1 ISO, a payment gateway, a niche platform provider or ISV, our partnership model is designed to help drive your business forward.

Facilitating payment facilitators

We're not the jealous type. Thrive and let thrive, we say. Want to own more of the payments value chain? Why not?  We can still work together. And if you have the right tech in place, we'll help you get up and running in no time.

Making marketplaces more payment-friendly

Marketplaces are red hot right now. More and more customers want to do everything in one place. Create the right place and watch yor business flow. We're ready. Our marketplace support is all about building your business. We do the processing. We talk to the schemes.


Our relationship with Cashflows has gone from strength to strength since we started using their services. Our partnership has given us the opportunity to work with some of the UK's largest businesses.

They place real value on our partnership and will always try and find a way to make an opportunity for both us and them. They have allowed us the opportunity to work with the highest levels of the company and be part of the decision-making process within the business.

Cashflows continual developments and improvements to their product have allowed us to be at the cutting-edge of the industry. We are excited about the future of our partnership and the growth it will bring Swipen


As a payment platform it’s vital that we’re continually innovating and improving our on-boarding and payment process for our clients, something that Cashflows fully support. Working with Cashflows we’ve managed to drastically speed up our time to live. Our close partnership and the dedicated account management they provide us means constant and valued communication between our two teams, and they have always been proactive in suggesting and supporting ways for our business to grow yet further.

Marhaba Payments

After having explored many different acquirers and lack of vision driven payments solutions we are safe to say we have found a suitable home for our merchants through Cashflows. 

Cashflows are great in creating relationships, transparency and customer satisfaction which are all key components in an acquiring relationship. Most of all they make passion pay through its robust ams system which is unique and key to a data led MSP company in winning merchants within UK & Europe. 

Lastly, Their account managers, customer service and product team work key on hand to deliver above expectations - commendable service and long may this continue.

Total Processing

Our partnership with Cashflows has been an open and welcoming working relationship from day one. Together, we’ve worked well to communicate and provide a great and seamless experience for the merchants we onboard to Cashflows through our applications process. We couldn’t recommend Cashflows any more highly for providing the best options for our merchants; they’re truly invested in maintaining a partnership that fosters togetherness and payments security for business.


Cashflows are Worldnet’s preferred partner in providing merchant acquiring services into the education sector. We value their personable and partner driven approach which has defined our working relationship.